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Religious Books

Star Wars, Star Trek and the 21st Century Christians

Author(s): Winkie Pratney

Book Series: Religious Books
Book Number:

Copyright: ©1978
Condition: Good
Printing: 1st

'Trust the Force, Luke!'

Wouldn't it be wonderful
If there really was a Force?
Something of great and awesome power
Available to anyone anywhere at any time!
Who would pay the price to learn of its ways and surrender to its direction?

Long, long ago, of a galaxy not far away,
It was written
'The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by Force'

Will you dare to lay aside your limits
And trust your life and destiny to the wisdom that holds together the stars?

'May the Force be with you.'

Notes: None.

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Star Trek and Sacred Ground: Explorations of Star Trek, Religion, and American Culture

Author(s): Jennifer E. Porter and Darcee L. McLaren

Book Series: Religious Books
Book Number:

Copyright: ©1999
Condition: Very Good
Printing: 1st
ISBN: 0791443345

Drawing on a number of methodologies and disciplinary perspectives, this book boldly goes where none has gone before by focusing on the interplay between Star Trek, religion, and American culture as revealed in the four different Trek television series, and the major motion pictures as well. Explored from a Trek perspective are the portrayal and treatment of religion; the religious and mythic elements; the ritual aspects of the fan following; and the relationship between religion and other issues of contemporary concern.

Divided into three sections, this detailed study of religion, myth, and ritual in the Star Trek context extends the boundaries of the traditional categories of religious studies, and explores the process of the (re)creation of culture. The first section explores the ways in which religion has primarily been understood in the Star Trek franchise in relationship to science, technology, scientism, and 'secular humanism.' What do Star Trek and its creator Gene Roddenberry have to say about religion, and what does this reveal about changing American perceptions about the role, value, and place of religion in everyday life? Section Two examines the mythic power and appeal of Star Trek, and highlights the mythic and symbolic parallels between the series' story lines and themes taken from both western religious tradition and the scientific and technological components of contemporary North American society. In the final section, contributors discuss the mythic and ritual aspects of Star Trek fandom. How have Star Trek fans found meaning and value in the television programs, and how do they express that meaning in their lives?

"Star Trek and Sacred Ground is marvelous. All of the articles are relevant, clear, and rational. They 'interpret' this material diversely, courageously and with precise excellence. The judgments are relevant, the chapters skillfully ordered, and the essays fit together in building interpretations. The contributors succeed in bringing forth their positions individually and collectively. This book is simply brilliant, and more than interesting to read."
- Robert M. Garvin, State University of New York, Albany

"The subject of religion/myth/spirituality has long been a favorite of Trek scholars and fans; this book gives the subject the serious treatment it deserves."
- Elyce Rae Helford, editor of Enterprise Zones: Critical Positions on "Star Trek"

Notes: None.

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Religions of Star Trek

Author(s): Ross S. Kraemer, William Cassidy, Susan L. Schwartz

Book Series: Religious Books
Book Number:

Copyright: ©2001
Condition: Mint
Printing: 1st
ISBN: 0813341159

A remarkable treatment of the religious themes threading through one of America's science fiction icons

Is there a God? What eveil lurks beyond the stars? Can science save one's soul? Profound questions like these have consumed human thought over the ages; they also inspired the original creators of the Star Trek canon of TV series and films. Religions of Star Trek tackles these challenging questions head-on and examines tin detail the humanistic vision of creator Gene Roddenberry. It is a remarkable look at one of sci-fi's great success stories.

Analyzing more than three decades of screen adventure, the authors depict a Star Trek transformed, corresponding to the resurgence of religion in American public discourse. The authors analyze Star Trek's many religious characters, tracing the roots of scientific humanism to more contemporary aspects of religion and spirituality. Through it all, the creators' visionary outlook remains constant: a humanistic faith in free will and the salvific nature of dispassionate scientific inquiry.

Praise for Religions of Star Trek

"This engaging book explores the richness and inconsistency of Star Trek's representation of religion over the thirty years of its existence. Finding Star Trek's treatment of religion a mirror of the changing place of religion in American public life, the authors examine such topics as evil, life after death, science and religion, and salvation. The book goes a long way toward explaining America's attraction to Star Trek by identifying the spirituality it focuses."

- Margaret R. Miles, Dillenberger Professor of Historical Theology, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

Notes: None.

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