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Heavy Lift Cargo Shuttlecraft
Pegasus NCC-1701/11

Illustrator: Dana E. Lubich
Copyright: 1990


1. The Warp Propulsion nacelles can be jettisoned in an emergency.

2. Attitude is attained through the use of solid-state centrifugal control actuators built into the frame of the vehicle.

3. The external power/control socket allows technicians to plug in power and control devices which enable them to tap into the vehicles engine and attitude systems.

4. Hull material covering the navigation deflector is transparent to the deflector beam.

5. All viewpoints are automatically polarized for occupants comfort.

6. Vehicle has built-in gravity, anti-acceleration, and anti-radiation force fields.

7. Due to limited space, a waste management transporter is used instead of a conventional lavatory. This allows the user to beam waste matter directly from within oneself to a microfurnace located in the unit.

Shortly after posting these blueprints online, I received an email from Dana Lubich, the designer of the Cargo Shuttle. It was an interesting read on the history of this blueprint set, so I wanted to include it here:

My name is Dana Lubich, and I drew the Cargoshuttle Pegasus blueprints that you showcase on your site.

After seeing several other blueprints (both professional and amateur) shown on the Internet, I tried entering the Pegasus on a search engine to see if anything came up.

I was pleasantly surprised to see it on your site.

I thought you might like to know about the history of what might appear to be an obscure set floating around in fandom.

Like many other fans, I devoured Franz Joseph's Enterprise Blueprints and Technical Manual when they came out. I bought about every fan blueprint advertised in the back of Starlog magazine through the 1970's and 1980's.

When I was in high school in 1980, I came up with the idea of the Pegasus (over the years I've had a hundred or more ideas roughly sketched, but so little time to develop them). When I was between jobs in 1990, I decided to market the Pegasus.

I wanted to incorporate all the best that I had seen in other blueprints, and avoid the worst in others. (When the engineers I work with today see it, they ask what AutoCAD system I used to create it. They're shocked when I tell them I drew it with pen and ruler!)

I placed an ad for one month in the back of Starlog, and sold some to The Intergalactic Trading Company. After breaking even on the printing cost, I made about $20 profit? and that was it! But it was a great learning experience. I realize that it probably would have sold better if it had had the design styling of the Next Generation that was running at the time, but I only care for TOS and TAS.

I next sent a copy to Eric Kristiansen of Jackill's Star Fleet Reference series. He said he wanted to use it in a manual dedicated to TOS. Unfortunately, that never got published.

In the mid-1990's I wrote two scripts that went unsold for Paramount's Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I included a cargoshuttle Pegasus in the DS9 episode 'Chimera's Cradle'. I hoped that if it had sold, they might be interested in using my design.

More recently, I've sent a copy to the people who made the Starship Exeter fan film, and those trying to make Starship Excalibur. Who knows? One day it might still gain flight.

I've attached a picture that Kail Tescar, who runs the Animated Star Trek site, drew of me and the Pegasus (for a modest fee). He got the design about 90% right.

Well, thanks for bringing back a lot of great memories at your site. And if I ever produce another design, I'll send you one!

Dana Lubich

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|Sheet 1: Outboard Port Profile|
|Sheet 2: Outboard Top Plan|
|Sheet 3: Outboard Bottom Plan|
|Sheet 4: Outboard Bow and Stern Elevations|
|Sheet 5: Inboard Port Profile|
|Sheet 6: Inboard Upper and Lower Deck Plan|
|Sheet 7: Artistic "TAS" View|

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