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Deep Space Nine












Avery Brooks
[Captain Sisko]

Nana Visitor
[Col. Nerys]

Rene Auberjonois

Terry Farrell
[Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax]

Michael Dorn
[Lt. Cmdr. Worf]

Colm Meaney
[Chief O'Brien]

Alexander Siddig
[Dr. Bashir]

Armin Shimerman

Cirroc Lofton
[Jake Sisko]

Nicole deBoer
[Ezri Dax]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

Image in the Sand551Unknown9/30/1998
Shadows and Symbols55252152.610/7/1998
Take Me Out to the Holo-Suite554Unknown10/21/1998
Treachery, Faith, and the Great River556Unknown11/4/1998
Once More Unto the Breach557Unknown11/11/1998
The Siege of AR-558558Unknown11/18/1998
It's Only a Paper Moon560Unknown12/30/1998
Prodigal Daughter561Unknown1/6/1999
The Emperor's New Cloak562Unknown2/3/1999
Field of Fire563Unknown2/10/1999
Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang566Unknown2/24/1999
Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges565Unknown3/3/1999
'Til Death Do Us Part568Unknown4/14/1999
Strange Bedfellows569Unknown4/21/1999
The Changing Face of Evil570Unknown4/28/1999
When It Rains...571Unknown5/5/1999
Tacking Into the Wind572Unknown5/12/1999
Extreme Measures57352645.75/19/1999
The Dogs of War57452861.35/26/1999
What You Leave Behind, Part I575Unknown6/2/1999
What You Leave Behind, Part II576Unknown6/2/1999

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