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The Original Series










William Shatner
[Captain Kirk]

Leonard Nimoy
[Cmdr. Spock]

DeForest Kelley
[Dr. McCoy]

James Doohan
[Lt. Cmdr. Scott]

George Takei
[Lt. Sulu]

Walter Koenig
[Ensign Chekov]

Nichelle Nichols
[Lt. Uhura]

Majel Barrett
[Nurse Chapel]


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Production #

Star Date

Air Date

Spock's Brain615431.49/20/1968
The Enterprise Incident595027.39/27/1968
The Paradise Syndrome584842.610/4/1968
And The Children Shall Lead605029.510/11/1968
Is There in Truth No Beauty?625630.710/18/1968
Spectre Of The Gun564385.310/25/1968
Day Of The Dove66Unknown11/1/1968
For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky655476.311/8/1968
The Tholian Web645693.211/15/1968
Plato's Stepchildren675784.211/22/1968
Wink Of An Eye685710.511/29/1968
The Empath635121.512/6/1968
Elaan Of Troyius574372.512/20/1968
Whom Gods Destroy715718.31/3/1969
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield705730.21/10/1969
The Mark Of Gideon725423.41/17/1969
That Which Survives69Unknown1/24/1969
The Lights Of Zetar735725.31/31/1969
Requiem for Methuselah765843.72/14/1969
The Way To Eden745832.22/21/1969
The Cloud Minders755818.42/28/1969
The Savage Curtain775906.43/7/1969
All Our Yesterdays785943.73/14/1969
Turnabout Intruder795928.56/3/1969

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