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Galaxy Class Blueprints

Illustrator: P. Lublin
Copyright: (c) 1988


Starfleet File: #ACRM 404
Subject: Galaxy Class Cruiser

*** Fact Sheet ***

Ship's length: 2,011 feet
Crew compliment: 1,012 beings
Total lifeboats: 446 (414 in primary hull, 32 in secondary hull)
Phaser banks: 2 rings, 10 banks
Photon torpedoes: 2
Warp capacity: Factor 9.8

   The Galaxy Class Cruiser series of ships contains 42 decks (16 in the saucer section). There is a "Captain's Yacht" on the bottom of the saucer section. This small oval-shaped vehicle is capable of landing on planets and has a capacity of 35 persons. It is used primarily for "ultra-diplomatic" missions.
   The Galaxy Class ships are assembled in the orbit of Mars. The chief design engineer of the series is A. Probert.
   The Enterprise is geared for a 10 to 15 year mission.
   There are various "transported emitter/receivers" throughout the ship. These transmit and receive the patterns and channel them into the chambers themselves. In addition, the transporters also act as decontamination chambers.

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Galaxy Class Starship
Galaxy Class Starship
|Sheet 1: Port View|
|Sheet 2: Aft View|
Galaxy Class Starship
Galaxy Class Starship
|Sheet 3: Fore View|
|Sheet 4: Dorsal/Ventral Split View|
Galaxy Class Starship
|Sheet 5: Fact Sheet|

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