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Borg Assimilation Cube

Borg Assimilation Cube

Illustrator: Eric Kristiansen
Copyright: 1996


1. These plans are for the familiarization purposes only and should not be confused with detailed working schematics of an Assimilation Cube.

2. The Collectives purpose is to increase the quality of life by assimilating new species and technologies and adding their distinctiveness to the whole.

3. The typical Collective vessel exhibits a highly decentralized construction. Theoretically, engineering, fire-control and life-support could continue to function even with 81.2% damage to the overall vessel.

4. Through the use of advanced transporters and replicators, repairs, modifications and upgrades can be preformed almost immediately. These systems can also be used to create and modify the Cube's defense and weapon systems.

5. The Cube vessel exhibits a highly unusual construction in its hull design and life support systems. The typical vessel does not have the familiar bulkheads or pressure doors found in Federation vessels. Instead, their highly decentralized power and life-support systems provide life-support force fields and overall atmospheric containment. In addition, the integrated life form units are sufficiently augmented to live at lower atmospheric pressures and survive brief exposures to vacuums.

6. The vessel and its integrated life form units are literally mentally attached to an intricate sub space network. This allows for extremely fast processing which also makes the Collective extremely adaptive.

7. Successful defenses or offenses against the craft are quickly circumvented through modification of shields and weapons.

8. The Cube is permanently equipped with 36 programmable weapons arrays. Each can be reconfigured to produce desired effectiveness. New weapons can be created within minutes of inception.
    Known array configurations:

a. Shield Depletion Pulse [used to drain shields and disable engines].

b. Multi-frequency Phasers

c. Charged Particle Beams

d. Neutron Beams

e. Meson Streams

f. Anti-Matter Streams

g. Multi-frequency Lasers
9. The Cube is able to produce a large battery of torpedoes as required.

10. The Cube is equipped with 12 cutting beams which use an extremely powerful focused neutron beam capable of cutting any Federation hull material.

11. The Cube is equipped with 24 tractor beam emitters and can hold and the drain the shields of Federation vessels.

12. A typical Cube has 60 shield emitters consistent with its decentralized construction. They can be independently configured as soon as weapon types and frequencies are determined. No existing Federation weapon has ever severely damaged a Collective vessel.

13. Spaced equidistantly about the exterior are 240 programmable sensor arrays.

14. Located diagonally along all external surfaces are multiple warp field conduits. The distribution of the warp conduits allow the Cube to travel in any direction with no single side being considered the stern.

15. Hydrogen and other interstellar gases are electromagnetically collected and processed for use as fuel in auxiliary power systems and impulse engines.

16. The Cube has built in gravity, inertial dampening and radiation force fields in all decks, consistent with its decentralized construction.

17. Power conduits are placed in every available free space and noded together in large groups to provide power despite heavy ship-wide damage.

18. Most integrated life form units are configured with specific hardware and local knowledge to perform operational tasks. A few units [~6%) are evenly distributed about the vessel for general purpose operations.

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Borg Assimilation Cube Blueprints
Borg Assimilation Cube Blueprints
|Sheet 1: Side 1 / Side 2 / Side 3|
|Sheet 2: Side 4 / Side 5 / Side 6|
Borg Assimilation Cube Blueprints
|Sheet 3: Perspective View / General Notes|

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