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Fan Produced Books

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Spockanalia 5
Devra Michele Langsam, Sherna Burley and Deborah Michel Langsam, editors
Babel 5
Margaret and Laura Basta, editors
Dreadnought Explorations I
Gina Martin and Linda Maclaren, editors
The Calvus Files: Mission One: Secret Agent: Enterprise
Martin M. Bartel
TrexIndex: The Complete Encyclopedia of Star Trek Fan Magazines
Roberta Rogow, editor
Star Trek Fandom Triumphs
Geoffrey Mandel and Doug Drexler with Ron Barlow
Laurie Huff
Stellar Gas 2
Della Van Hise, editor
Captain's Log: Voyage 9
Richard G. Pollet, editor
Revenge of the Wind Rider
Roberta Debono
TrexIndex Third Supplement, Volume I
Roberta Rogow, editor
The Starry Night
Michael Goodwin and Lynne Anne Goodwin
TrexIndex Third Supplement, Volume II: Poetry & Art
Roberta Rogow, editor
Two-Dimensional Thinking
Lee Heller, editor
The Reckoning
Janet Walker
Bill Hupe
Nova Trek
Helena Seabright
Spock 61
Wendy Purcell, editor
Medical Journal 6
Anne Richardson, editor
Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History, 1967-1987
Joan Marie Verba
Star Trek Fans and Costume Art
Heather R. Joseph-Witham
Trekkers: True Stories by Fans for Fans
Nikki Stafford, editor
Quark's Guide to Bartending
Jennifer Geoghan
To Boldly Go... The Star Trek Fan's Travel Guide
Jennifer Geoghan

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