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Paladin Class Scout Destroyer

Illustrator: Temporal Graphics
Copyright: 1988

The outstanding success of the Galaxy Class exploration cruisers and the promising reports on the Olympic class dreadnought project, has prompted Starfleet to begin a total overhaul of the existing fleet and to begin contracting for the construction of several new classes of ships. The first of the new vessels to be constructed is the Paladin Class Scout/Destroyer because of the class' mission flexibility. The new warp technology combined with advanced weapons, defenses and computer systems allows even the relatively small scout/destroyer to handle a wide variety of crisis situations quickly and efficiently. This will be vital during the sensitive conversion process since entire sectors will be left defenseless while the ships that normally patrol them will be in drydock. Ships that cannot be converted will be retired, scrapped or stripped of weapons and sold to the private sector.

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Paladin Class Scout Destroyer
Paladin Class Scout Destroyer
|Sheet 1: Top View|
|Sheet 2: Port/Forward/Aft Views|
Paladin Class Scout Destroyer
Paladin Class Scout Destroyer
|Sheet 3: Inboard Profile/S-28 Recon Shuttlecraft|
|Sheet 4: Role Playing Game Supplement Sheet|

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