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Romulan Scout Ship
Stalker Class

Romulan Scout Ship - Stalker Class Blueprints

Illustrator: Don W. Shanks
Copyright: 1994


The new Romulan Scout ship, Federation codename: Stalker, entered Romulan Star Navy service fifteen years ago. While no examples have ever been captured by Starfleet, the following information was provided by the Klingon Empire recently from one of their covert operations into the Romulan empire.

Classification: Scout
Class: Unknown. UFP Codename: Stalker
Number Constructed: Unknown. Est. 300
Number Destroyed / Confirmed Lost: 23
Length: 44 meters
Wingspan: 36 meters
Height: 8.43 meters. (Landing Gear Extended: 9.45 meters)
Mass Displacement: 200
Crew Complement: 3
Passenger Complement: 2, 4 max
Crusing Speed: Warp 7.6
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.67
Endurance: 5 Years
Standard Weapons: (1) Fixed Disruptor Mount in Nose
Optional Weapons: Special Photon Torpedo Pod mounted Dorsally
Shield Holdoff Rate: 3.11 x 10^12 w
Shield Refresh Rate: 1.1 x 10^12 w
ECM: Mark 8 Cloaking Device

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Romulan Scout Ship - Stalker Class Blueprints
Romulan Scout Ship - Stalker Class Blueprints
|Sheet 1: Side and Cut-Away Views|
|Sheet 2: Top and Bow Views|
Romulan Scout Ship - Stalker Class Blueprints
|Sheet 3: Bottom & Rear Views|

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