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U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
Starship Prototype

Illustrator: David Schmidt / Strategic Design
Copyright: 2006


The following blueprints/schematics were created by the former Strategic Design company founded by David Schmidt; the illustrator of the famed U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701A Deck Plans.

Unfortunately, SD is no longer in operation and, due to the incredible quality of these blueprint sets, few are ever put up for sale.

While only samples of most of the other SD prints will be presented on Cygnus-X1, the full high-resolution set of the Nova Class are presented below. Enjoy.

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U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
|Sheet 1: Dorsal/Port Views|
|Sheet 2: Ventral/Forward/Aft Views|
U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
|Sheet 3: Cross Section/Internal Systems/Deck Directory|
|Sheet 4: Decks 1-3 / Symbol Chart|
U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
|Sheet 5: Deck 4 / Symbol Chart|
|Sheet 6: Decks 5-8|
U.S.S. Nova NX-73515
|Sheet 7: Symbol Chart|

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