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Ships of the Delta Triangle - Volume II
Large Survey Vessel
U.S.S. Aliquippa NCC-1458
U.S.S. Hopi NCC-1450

Illustrator: Mark A. Wilson
Copyright: (c) 1999

The Star Fleet Large Survey Vessel U.S.S. Aliquippa

Hopi Class Vessel: Registry NCC-1458

Illustrations, History and Technical Data for the following:

U.S.S. Hopi Large Survey Vessel (Post 2282 Refit)
U.S.S. Aliquippa Large Survey Vessel (At Reported Date of Loss)
Ganymede Long-Range Research Shuttlecraft
Callisto Stellar Survey Shuttlecraft

Volume 02 in a series of ships originally seen in the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode The Time Trap.

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U.S.S. Aliquippa
U.S.S. Aliquippa
|Sheet 1: Port Elevation (U.S.S. Aliquippa)|
|Sheet 2: Plan View (U.S.S. Aliquippa)|
U.S.S. Hopi
U.S.S. Hopi
|Sheet 3: Port Elevation (U.S.S. Hopi)|
|Sheet 4: Plan View (U.S.S. Hopi)|
Ganymede / Callisto
|Sheet 5: Port Elevation (Ganymede / Callisto)|

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