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Starship Recognition Series 2

Illustrator: Lawrence Miller
Copyright: 2005

Data compiled using the archives of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library -

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Grissom Class Federation Science Vessel - NCC-638
Deception Class Decoy/Jamming Cruiser - NCC-714
|Sheet 1: Grissom Class Federation Science Vessel - NCC-638|
|Sheet 2: Deception Class Decoy/Jamming Cruiser - NCC-714|
Kiev Class Demolition Cruiser - NCC-3278
Kennedy Class Diplomatic Currier - NCC-921
|Sheet 3: Kiev Class Demolition Cruiser - NCC-3278|
|Sheet 4: Kennedy Class Diplomatic Currier - NCC-921|
Osaka Class Fleet Refueling Vessel - NCC-27805
Brisbane Class Colonization Cruiser - NCC-40021
|Sheet 5: Osaka Class Fleet Refueling Vessel - NCC-27805|
|Sheet 6: Brisbane Class Colonization Cruiser - NCC-40021|
Swazey Class Light Cruiser - NCC-9215
U.S.S. Enterprise Heavy Cruiser - NCC-1701
|Sheet 7: Swazey Class Light Cruiser - NCC-9215|
|Sheet 8: U.S.S. Enterprise Heavy Cruiser - NCC-1701|

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