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Heavy Destroyer Class
U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100

Illustrator: Michael Morrissette
Copyright: 1981

General Plans - Heavy Destroyer Class


    The Destroyat/Detroyat Class of Destroyers are one of the few successful and versatile fleet of vessels still remaining in Star Fleet. Deceptively large for a Destroyer Classification, these vessels were built for speed and maneuverability rather than for their potential fighting capabilities and were Star Fleet's most expensive class of vessels to construct, to date. As a result, they were commissioned into the full-time fleet where their potential was realized.

    During its first service, the Destroyat Class Destroyers, although not the strongest, but certainly one of the fastest in the fleet, proved to be extremely versatile and efficient vessels. By 2250, however, these vessels were used as escort vessels rather than as destroyers.

    In 2255, Star Fleet realized that these vessels could not perform fully as destroyers. The Destroyat Class was recommissioned as a Scout Class with their untested elements replaced with sophisticated sensor and tracking equipment. To date, with the reclassification a success, these vessels are no longer being considered for recommission back as a Destroyer Class.

    During their service, thus far, only one vessel was ever lost. The Heavy Cruiser, U.S.S. Constellation, encountered the Heavy Destroyer, U.S.S. Niantic, patrolling their sector of the M-370 Star System (3 weeks before the system and the Constellation were destroyed by the Doomsday weapon). A week after their encounter the Niantic disappeared without a trace. Analysts believe the Niantic was destroyed by the same weapon that caused the Constellation's death. Regardless, 306 lives were lost.

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U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100
U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100
|Sheet 1: Outboard Profile|
|Sheet 2: Outboard Top Plan|
U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100
U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100
|Sheet 3: Outboard Bottom Plan|
|Sheet 4: Outboard Bow Elevation|
U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100
U.S.S. Destroyat (Detroyat) NCC-1100
|Sheet 5: Outboard Stern Elevation|
|Sheet 6: Inboard Profile|

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