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Durance Class Cargo/Tug
U.S.S. Durance FR-250

Illustrator: Todd Guenther
Copyright: 1980

Terran Edition


Length Overall -- 98.72 M
Width Overall -- 57.46 M
Height Overall -- 27.91 M
Gross Deadweight Metric Tonnage -- 12,100
Number of Main Propulsion Units -- 2
Number of Tug Power Drive Engine Units -- 4
Primary Hull Length Overall -- 36.1 M
Primary Hull Width Overall -- 25.12 M
Primary Hull Height Overall -- 17.8 M
Standard Ceiling Height Over Deck -- 2.59M
Main Propulsion Units Distance Between C/L's -- 43.11 M
Main Propulsion Unit Length Overall -- 45.87 M
Main Propulsion Unit Maximum Diameter -- 11.79 M
Laser Emplacements -- 3.23 CM Guns
Standard Compliment of 2 Man Shuttle/Scouts -- 2
Endurance in Years at Light-Year Velocity -- 5

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USS Durance Class Cargo Tug
USS Durance Class Cargo Tug
|Sheet 1: Outboard Profile - Bow & Stern Elevations|
|Sheet 2: Outboard Bottom Plan|
USS Durance Class Cargo Tug
|Sheet 3: Outboard Top Plan|

USS Durance Class Cargo Tug
USS Durance Class Cargo Tug
|Sheet 4: Inboard Profile - Deck Plans 1-2|
|Sheet 5: Deck Plans 3-4|

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