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The 1st Annual "Design a Banner" Contest has ended.

First, I'd like to thank all those who took interest in this site's first contest. I was hoping that many more people would enter for a chance to win the $100 prize, but I'm still thrilled with the results. As for the results, the first contest brought about a little twist ending, as it were.

The original plan was to select a single winner to win the $100 prize. That winner's banner would be used to futher the advertisement of this site, as well as act as the 'official' banner/graphic of the site.

Although only three people entered the contest, I had a total of 12 banners to choose from. All of them were very well done, but there was one that always drew my attention. So, after much debate, I selected the banner and winner of the contest only to learn that the person who submitted the winning banner did not want to accept the cash prize. He was happy to have just submitted a banner that I could use. He asked, instead, that I forward the winnings to the other two contestants. So that's exactly what I've done.

So, without any further delay, behold all of the entries and help me in congratulating everyone as they all turned out to be winners in the end!

The Grand Prize

This banner, which originally just reflected the 'Star Trek LCARS Book Database' was created by Craig Allan. Craig took the original background image (the blue-black hole) that the contest rules were displayed on and built off of it. I never really thought about reusing the blue-black hole image after the contest ended, but after seeing what Craig did with it, and appreciating the relevance of using a black hole image on a site named after an actual black hole, it became clear to me that Craig's work of art was to be the winner. Craig also worked with me to fine-tune the banner, adding on the '& Episode' designation and slightly adjusting some of the other qualities to come up with what you'll now see throughout the site.
Congratulations again, Craig!

First Prize (Shared)
The next nine banners were all submitted by one contestant - Gareth Clements. Gareth was the first person to enter the contest and he too worked with me to fine tune a few of them. I think you'll agree that they all nicely capture the essence of Star Trek and this site. Gareth, because of his abundant work at this contest, walks away with $65 of the $100 prize.
Nice going, Gareth!

First Prize (Shared)
The final two banners were submitted by Michael Schuster. Some of you may know Michael from his own Star Trek Book Site which focuses on the Star Gazer novels and timeline. Check out his extensive site by clicking HERE. Michael has also been known to design banners for another famous Star Trek book site - BookTrek. As busy as Michael's schedule is, I was thrilled that he had the time to submit the two entries below - and just in the nick of time as they both came in hours before the contest deadline. For his work, Michael takes home $35 of the $100 prize.
Many thanks, Michael!

And there you have it. The end of the Star Trek LCARS Book & Episode Database's First Annual "Design a Banner" Contest. Just wait until next year as the stakes will go up and, I hope, the entries will increase.

Thanks again, everyone!


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