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Rush - The Piano Tribute to Rush

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Released: January 10th, 2006
Highest Billboard Chart Position: Did Not Chart
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With their patented mix of sci-fi imagery and technical soundscapes, Rush have proved to be a winning musical design. For a three piece band, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart make a mighty big noise and these three equally brilliant math-rock masters have pushed the boundaries of musical prowess and the possibilities of rock and roll for three decades. After more than 11 million records sold, Rush continues to record and tour, selling out stadiums internationally and showing no signs of giving up their successful formula.

Pulsing through the drum beats and guitar riffs of Rush's songs are undeniable melodies. These hooks are brought to the surface on The Piano Tribute to Rush. The elemental soul of such hits as 'The Spirit of Radio' and 'Tom Sawyer' is extracted from their complex arrangements with simple piano. A must-have release for any Rush fan, this album promises to appeal to anyone with an appreciation for great songs and great playing.

Produced, Performed & Mastered by Todd Mark Rubenstein at TMR Productions.

Todd Mark Rubenstein would like to thank Rush for a lifetime of musical genius and the gift of great songs with brilliant performances that will be an inspiration to musicians all all genres for generations to come. He would also like to thank the entire staff at Vitamin Records for giving him the opportunity to do this album and for their continuing support. Todd Mark Rubenstein uses TMR Microphones and Sony Media digital editing applications.

Project Coordinator: Greg Sanford

Cover Art: Bret Healy

Package Design: Valerie Aiello
Track Listing

1. Limelight (4:22)
2. New World Man (3:51)
3. Closer to the Heart (3:05)
4. Subdivisions (5:25)
5. Red Barchetta (6:18)
6. Freewill (5:10)
7. Fly by Night (3:23)
8. Spirit of Radio (5:03)
9. The Trees (4:46)
10. Tom Sawyer (4:36)
11. Big Money (5:40)
12. Syrinxian Moonlight (original composition) (4:50)