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Rush - Test for Echo

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Test For Echo
Released: September 10th, 1996

Certified Gold by RIAA: October 23, 1996
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Highest Billboard Chart Position: 5
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Liner Notes

Geddy Lee - bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers
Alex Lifeson - electric and acoustic guitars, mandola
Neil Peart - drums, cymbals, hammer dulcimer

Produced by Peter Collins and Rush
Recorded by Clif Norrell
Mixed by Andy Wallace
Project assistant engineer: Simon Pressey
Recorded January--March 1996, at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, New York, assisted by Chris Laidlaw and Paul Marconi, and Reaction Studios, Toronto, April 1996, assisted by Tom Heron
All songs by Lee, Lifeson, & Peart, except "Test For Echo": Lee, Lifeson, Peart, & Dubois
Arrangements by Rush and Peter Collins

Preproduction at Chalet Studio by Lerxst Sound and Everett Ravestein
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Studios, Portland, Maine
Management by Ray Danniels, SRO Management Inc., Toronto
Executive Production by Anthem Entertainment: Liam Birt & Pegi Cecconi
Art Direction, Design and Digital Illustration by Hugh Syme
Photography by Dimo Safari, Anthony Frederick, Andrew MacNaughtan, Richard C. Negus, Eugene Fisher
"2001: A Space Odyssey" images 1968 Turner Entertainment Co. All Rights Reserved (page 12)

Tour Manager and President: Liam Birt / Production & Stage Manager: Dan Braun / Production Assistant: Jimmy Joe Rhodes / Concert Sound Engineer: Robert Scovill / Lighting Director: Howard Ungerleider / Stage Left Tech: Skip Gildersleeve / Centre Stage Tech: Larry Allen / Stage Right Tech: Jim Johnson / Keyboard Tech: Tony Geranios / Monitor Engineer: Phil Wilkey

Personal Assistant: Sean Son Hing / Concert Sound by Electrotec: Ted Leamy, Larry (Kahuna) Vodopivec, David (H.B.) Stogner, Brad Judd / Lighting by See Factor: Jack Funk, Ed Duda, Mario Corsi, Steve Kostecke, Donny Lodico / Icon lighting by LSD: Matt Druzbik, Julian Winters / Pyrotechnics: Reid Schulte-Derne, Doug Adams, Randy Bast / Projectionists: Bob Montgomery, Conrad Coriz, Sam Raphael / Concert Rigging by IMC (Billy Collins): Mike (Frank) McDonald, Brian Collins, Rick Mooney / Carpenters: George Steinert, Sal Marinello, Joe Campbell
Drivers: Tom (whitney) Whittaker, Arthur (Mac) MacLear, Lennie Southwick, Tom Hartman, Stan Whittaker, Dave Cook, Red McBrine, Don Hendricks, Phil Dunlap, Ken Bosemer
Tour Merchandise: Mike, Shannon & Pat McLoughlin / Tour Accountants: Liam Birt & John Whitehead (Drysdale & Drysdale) / Booking Agencies: International Creative Management, NYC, The Agency Group, London, The Agency, Toronto

Friendly help and helpful friendship provided by D.I.Y Studios, B. Zee Brokers, Candlebox & Primus and crews, Westbury Sound, Reely Unique Studio Rentals, Neal Dibiase, Wee Kiltie, haggis, Tom Cochrane, Pook, Martian Dweller (for the dulcimer), Food To Go caterers, and at the Chalet: Koopster, David, Mike (the Real Owner), Zalia, George, Perry, & Compost Pit; at Bearsville: Mark, Patty, Chris, Paul, Pl, & Jill; at Reaction: Ormond, Claire, Tom, & Chris; and at McClear: Bob, Denis, Pam, & Tony, At SRO: Ray, Pegi, Sheila, Anna, Stephanie, Shelley, Steve, & Bob; and at home--last but far from least--our families.

For technical help, our thanks to Walter Ostanek's Music Centre, Jim Burgess and Saved By Technology (Carl Petzelt), Paul Reed Smith guitars, DOD Digitech, Godin guitars, Trace Elliot amplifiers, Coll Audio, Drum Workshop drums, Avedis Zildjian cymbals, Promark drumsticks, Freddie Gruber, and--O (TM)

Brought to you buy the letter "R-R-R-R"

1996 Atlantic Records 1996 Anthem Entertainment

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  • Track Listing (click on any track for the lyrics)

    1. Test For Echo (5:56)
    2. Driven (4:27)
    3. Half The World (3:43)
    4. The Color Of Right (4:49)
    5. Time And Motion (5:01)
    6. Totem (4:58)
    7. Dog Years (4:55)
    8. Virtuality (5:44)
    9. Resist (4:24)
    10. Limbo (5:29)
    11. Carve Away The Stone (4:05)

    Test For Echo
    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart and Pye Dubois

    Here we go -- vertigo
    Video vertigo
    Test for echo

    Here we go -- in slo-mo
    Video vertigo
    Test for echo

    Some kind of trouble on the sensory screen
    Camera curves over caved-in cop cars
    Bleacher-creatures, would-be desperados
    Clutch at plausible deniability
    Don't touch that dial --
    We're in denial
    Until the showcase trial on TV

    Some kind of pictures on the sense o'clock news
    Miles of yellow tape -- silhouetted chalklines
    Tough-talking hood boys in pro-team logo knockoffs
    Conform to uniforms of some corporate entity
    Don't change that station
    It's Gangster Nation
    Now crime's in syndication on TV

    What a show -- vertigo
    Video vertigo
    Test for echo

    Touch and go -- in slo-mo
    Video vertigo
    Test for echo

    Some kind of drama live on satellite
    Hidden camera coverage from the crime scene to the courtroom
    Nail-biting hoodboys in borrowed ties and jackets
    Clutching at the straws of respectability
    Can't do the time?
    Don't do the crime
    And wind up in the perp walk on TV

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    Driven up and down in circles
    Skidding down a road of black ice
    Staring in and out storm windows
    Driven to a fool's paradise


    Driven to the margin of error
    Driven to the edge of control
    Driven to the margin of terror
    Driven to the edge of a deep, dark hole

    Driven day and night in circles
    Spinning like a whirlwind of leaves
    Stealing in and out back alleys
    Driven to another den of thieves


    Driven in -- Driven to the edge
    Driven out -- On the thin end of the wedge
    Driven off -- By things I've never seen
    Driven on -- By the road to somewhere I've never been


    The road unwinds towards me
    What was there is gone
    The road unwinds before me
    And I go riding on

    Half The World
    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    Half the world hates
    What half the world does every day
    Half the world waits
    While half gets on with it anyway

    Half the world lives
    Half the world makes
    Half the world gives
    While the other half takes

    Half the world is
    Half the world was
    Half the world thinks
    While the other half does

    Half the world talks
    With half a mind on what they say
    Half the world walks
    With half a mind to run away

    Half the world lies
    Half the world learns
    Half the world flies
    As half the world turns

    Half the world cries
    Half the world laughs
    Half the world tries
    To be the other half

    Half of us divided
    Like a torn-up photograph
    Half of us are trying
    To reach the other half

    Half the world cares
    While half the world is wasting the day
    Half the world shares
    While half the world is stealing away

    The Color Of Right
    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    I don't have an explanation
    For another lonely night
    I just feel this sense of mission
    And the sense of what is right

    Take it easy on my now --
    I'd be there if I could
    I'm so full of what is right
    I can't see what is good

    It's a hopeless situation
    Lie awake for half the night
    You're not sure what's going on here
    But you're sure it isn't right

    Make it easy on yourself
    There's nothing more you can do
    You're so full of what is right
    You can't see what is true

    A quality of justice
    A quantity of light
    A particle of mercy
    Makes the color of right

    Gravity and distance
    Change the passage of light
    Gravity and distance
    Change the color of right

    Time And Motion
    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    Time and motion
    Wind and sun and rain
    Days connect like boxcars in a train

    Fill them up with precious cargo
    Squeeze in all that you can find
    Spontaneous elation
    And the long-enduring kind

    Time and motion
    Flesh and blood and fire
    Lives connect in webs of gold and razor wire

    Spin a thread of precious contact
    Squeeze in all that you can find
    Spontaneous relations
    And the long-enduring kind

    The mighty ocean
    Dances with the moon
    The silent forest
    Echoes with the loon

    Time and motion
    Live and love and dream
    Eyes connect like interstellar beams

    Superman in Supernature
    Needs all the comfort he can find
    Spontaneous emotion
    And the long enduring kind

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    I've got twelve disciples and a Buddha smile
    The Garden of Allah - Viking Valhalla
    A miracle once in a while

    I've got a pantheon of animals in a pagan soul
    Vishnu and Gaia - Aztec and Maya
    Dance around my totem pole

    I believe in what I see
    I believe in what I hear
    I believe that what I'm feeling
    Changes how the world appears

    Angels and demons dancing in my head
    Lunatics and monsters underneath my bed
    Media messiahs preying on my fears
    Pop culture prophets playing in my ears

    I've got celestial mechanics
    To synchronize my stars
    Seasonal migrations - daily variations
    World of the unlikely and bizarre

    I've got idols and icons, unspoken holy vows
    Thoughts to keep well-hidden -
    sacred and forbidden
    Free to browse among the holy cows

    That's why I believe

    Angels and demons inside of me
    Saviors and Satans all around me

    Sweet chariot, swing low, coming for me

    Dog Years
    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    In a dog's life
    A year is really more like seven
    And all too soon a canine
    Will be chasing cars in doggie heaven

    It seems to me
    As we make our own few circles 'round the sun
    We get it backwards
    And our seven years go by like one

    Dog years -- It's the season of the itch
    Dog years -- With every scratch it reappears

    In the dog days
    People look to Sirius
    Dogs cry for the moon
    But those connections are mysterious

    It seems to me
    While it's true that every dog will have his day
    When all the bones are buried
    There is barely time to go outside and play

    Dog years -- It's the season of the itch
    Dog years -- With every scratch it reappears
    Dog years -- For every sad son of a bitch
    Dog years -- With his tail between his ears

    I'd rather be a tortoise from Galapagos
    Or a span of geological time

    Than be living in these dog years

    In a dog's brain
    A constant buzz of low-level static
    One sniff at the hydrant
    And the answer is automatic

    It seems to me
    As we make our own few circles 'round the block
    We've lost our senses
    For the higher-level static of talk

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    Like a shipwrecked mariner adrift on an unknown sea
    Clinging to the wreckage of the lost ship Fantasy
    I'm a castaway, stranded in a desolate land
    I can see the footprints in the virtual sand

    Net boy, net girl
    Send your signal 'round the world
    Let your fingers walk and talk
    And set you free

    Net boy, net girl
    Send your impulse 'round the world
    Put your message in a modem
    And throw it in the Cyber Sea

    Astronauts in the weightlessness of pixellated space
    Exchange graffiti with a disembodied race
    I can save the universe in a grain of sand
    I can hold the future in my virtual hand

    Let's dance tonight
    To a virtual song
    Press this key
    And you can play along

    Let's fly tonight
    On our virtual wings
    Press this key
    To see amazing things

    Like a pair of vagabonds who wave between two passing trains
    Or the glimpse of a woman's smile through a window in the rain
    I can smell her perfume, I can taste her lips
    I can feel the voltage from her fingertips

    Net boy, net girl
    Send your heartbeat 'round the world

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    I can learn to resist
    Anything but temptation
    I can learn to co-exist
    With anything but pain

    I can learn to compromise
    Anything but my desires
    I can learn to get along
    With all the things I can't explain

    I can learn to resist
    Anything but frustration
    I can learn to persist
    With anything but aiming low

    I can learn to close my eyes
    To anything but injustice
    I can learn to get along
    With all the things I don't know

    You can surrender
    Without a prayer
    But never really pray
    Pray without surrender

    You can fight
    Without ever winning
    But never ever win
    Without a fight

    Music: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart


    "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"

    "Mmmm, Mash goooood!"

    Carve Away The Stone
    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    You can roll that stone
    To the top of the hill
    Drag your ball and chain
    Behind you

    You can carry that weight
    With an iron will
    Or let the pain remain
    Behind you

    Chip away the stone
    Chip away the stone
    Make the burden lighter
    If you must roll that rock alone

    You can drive those wheels
    To the end of the road
    You will still find the past right
    Behind you

    Try to deny
    The weight of the load
    Try to put the sins of the past night
    Behind you

    Carve away the stone
    Carve away the stone
    Make a graven image
    With some features of your own

    You call roll the stone
    To the top of the hill
    You can carry that weight
    With an iron will
    You can drive those wheels
    To the end of the road
    You can try to deny
    The weight of the load

    Roll away the stone
    Roll away the stone
    If you could just move yours
    I could get working on my own