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off the album
Released: July 24th, 2012

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Liner Notes

GEDDY LEE bass guitar, keyboards, bass pedals, vocals
ALEX LIFESON guitars, keyboards
NEIL PEART drums and cymbals

Produced by Nick Raskulinecz and Rush
Engineered and Mixed by Richard Chycki

Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York NY
Assisted by Matt Coles
Arrangements by Rush and Nick Raskulinecz
Management: Ray Danniels
Executive Production: Pegi Cecconi, Liam Birt
President: Liam Birt
Equipment supervision: Lorne "Gump" Wheaton, Scott Appleton, John "Skully" McIntosh

Art Direction, Design, and Horologist: Hugh Syme

(c) 2012 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc.
For the world outside of the United States excluding Canada. Lyrics reprinted by permission.
All Rights Reserved.

Music and lyrics by Lee/Lifeson/Peart
Published by Core Music Publishing (SOCAN/SESAC)

www.rush.com      www.atlanticrecords.com

Track Listing (click on any track for the lyrics)

1. The Wreckers [Radio Edit] (4:21)
2. The Wreckers [Album Edit] (5:01)

The Wreckers
NARROWLY ESCAPING A FROZEN DEATH IN THAT DESERT, I made my way back to Poseidon, and found a berth on a homeward ship. Caught in a terrible storm, we seemed to find salvation in an unexpected signal light. Steering toward it, we soon learned it was false ? placed by the denizens to lure ships to their doom on the jagged reefs. They plundered the cargos and abandoned the crews and passengers to the icy waves.

I was the only survivor.

The breakers roar on an unseen shore
In the teeth of a hurricane
We struggle in vain
A hellish night - a ghostly light
Appears through the driving rain
Salvation in a human chain

All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary
Of a miracle too good to be true
All I know is that sometimes the truth is contrary
Everything in life you thought you knew
All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary
?Cause sometimes the target is you

Driven aground, with that awful sound
Drowned by the cheer from ashore
We wonder what for
The people swarm through the darkling storm
Gather everything they can score
?Til their backs won?t bear any more

The breakers roar on an unseen shore
In the teeth of an icy grave
The human chain leaves a bloody stain
Washed away in the pounding waves

All I know is that memory can be too much to carry
Striking down like a bolt from the blue

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