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Rush - Through the Camera Eye

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Released: January 1985

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Liner Notes

"Through the Camera Eye," Rush's first video LP/LaserDisc since their best-selling concert film, "Exit ... Stage Left," is a skillfully produced compilation with eight of the Canadian megaband's best video performances.

This dazzling program features the rock trio in both live and conceptual videos. Included is the rarely seen classic, "Vital Signs," (which predates MTV!) from the album Moving Pictures plus such MTV favorites as "Distant Early Warning," and "The Body Electric," from Grace Under Pressure, "Countdown," and "Subdivisions" from the platinum album Signals and "Tom Sawyer," a blazing live track from "Exit ... Stage Left," shows why Rush has become one of rock's top concert attractions.

As an added bonus, "Through the Camera Eye," presents "Afterimage" from Grace Under Pressure, a track which has never been seen on
TV. All in all, this sensational collection is a must for true tans of Rush - and great music video!

Rush is: Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson

Chapter 1: Distant Early Warning
Produced by MGMM
Directed by David Mallet

Chapter 2: Vital Signs
Produced by Gowers, Fields and Flattery
Directed by Bruce Gowers

Chapter 3: The Body Electric
Produced by Cucumber Productions
Directed by Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton

Chapter 4: Afterimage
Produced by GLO Productions
Directed by Tim Pope

Chapter 5: Subdivisions
Produced by Nelvana Productions
Directed by Grant Lough

Chapter 6: Tom Sawyer
Produced by Grant Lough/Rabko TV
Productions Directed by Martin Kahan

Chapter 7: The Enemy Within
Produced by Cucumber Productions
Directed by Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton

Chapter 8: Countdown
Produced by Nelvana Productions
Directed by Grant Lough

All songs written by Lee, Lifeson and Peart except TOM SAWYER written by Lee, Lifeson, Peart and Dubois.

Executive Producer: Len R. Epand
Producer: Don Schwarzboum
Director: LeAnne Sawyers
Management: Roy Danniels for SRO Anthem

All Titles 1985 PolyGram Records, Inc.
All songs published by Core Music Publishing "CAPAC"/"ASCAP"
Approximate Running Time: 44 Minutes
A PolyGram MusicVideo Presentation

Artwork and Design 1985 RCA/Columbia
Pictures Home Video. All Rights Reserved.

Other Notes

•  All concept videos in this collection later appeared on the Chronicles DVD with the exception of "Countdown", "Vital Signs", and
   "The Body Electric" (which to this day are only available in this collection).
•   This is the only official Rush video release that has not received the DVD re-issue treatment.
Track Listing

1. Distant Early Warning
2. Vital Signs
3. The Body Electric
4. Afterimage
5. Subdivisions
6. Tom Sawyer
7. The Enemy Within
8. Countdown