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Rush - Permanent Waves

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Released: January 14th, 1980

Certified Gold by RIAA: March 17, 1980
Certified Platinum by RIAA: November 9, 1987
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Highest Billboard Chart Position: 4
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Alex Lifeson - Six and twelve string electric and acoustic guitars, Taurus pedals
Neil Peart - Drums, tympani, timbales, orchestra bells, tubular bells, wind chimes, bell tree, triangle, crotales
Geddy Lee - Bass guitars, Oberheim polyphonic, OB-1, Mini Moog, and Taurus pedal synthsizers, vocals

Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Arrangements by Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded at Le Studio, Morin-Heights, Quebec, during September and October 1979
Engineerd by Paul Northfield
With general assistance from Robbie Whelan
Mixed at Trident Studios, Soho, London, in November 1979
Engineerd by Terry Brown
Assisted by Adam Moseley, Craig Milliner, and Geddy Lee, with cameo appearances by Steve S. Hort
Mastered by Bob Ludwig and Brain Lee at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine
Special featured guest: Hugh Syme, piano on "Different Strings"
Inspiration and vocal coaching by Daisy the Dog
Steel drums by Erwig Chuapchuaduah

Art Direction and graphics by Hugh Syme
Cover concept by Hugh Syme and Neil Peart
Photography by Fin Costello, Flip Schulke and Deborah Samuel
Cover girl couturière: Ou la la
Colour collaboration: Peter George
Pilot of Juliet Foxtrot Kilo: Mike Deere

Management: Ray Danniels, SRO Management, Inc., Toronto
Executive Production: Moon Records
Road manager, lighting director, and assistant to Mr. Shreve: Howard (Herns) Ungerleider
Stage manager: Michael (Lurch) Hirsh
Concert sound engineer: Ian (the Weez) Grandy
Stage right technician: Liam (Punjabi) Birt
Stage left technician: Skip (Slider) Gildersleeve
Centre stage technician: Larry (Shrav) Allen
Guitar and synthesizer maintenance: Tony (Jack Secret) Geranios
Electrical technician: Ted (Theo) McDonald
Stage Monitor mixer: Gred (Gordie) Connolly
Projectionist: Harry (Tex) Dilman
Personal Shreve: Sam (Shreve) Charters
Concert sound by National Sound and Electrosound (U.K.)
Concert lighting by See Factor International
Concert rigging by Bill Collins

All of the above was transported by the skilled hands of: Tom (Whitney) Whittaker, Pat (No. 9) Lines, Arthur (Mac) MacLear, Gene Guido, and Tim Lewis

Honourable mentions: Moe Kniffman, Nick Kotos, George (Ike) Guido, Bob (Puppy) Cross, John LeBlanc, Bill Churchman, Dave (Shreve 1) Donne, Fuzzy Frazer, Dave Burman, Helmut, Nick Prince, Graham (Wild Man) Hewitt, Sgt. Rock & Easy Co., Second City Television, Lakewoods Farm, The Sound Kitchen, Lefty, D.K.D., Steve Herns, Le Studio: Andre, Yael, Pam, Kim, Carole, and Roger, Andre & La Barratte, the Wines & Crew, FM & Crew, Wireless & Crew, The Maxoids, Marvin Gleicher, Brian Robertson, Jimmy Bain, Michael Schenker, the Projectors, Peter Mensch, the P.M., Bob (the Grove) Snelgrove, the inmates of the Great Fog, Gerry Griffin, Lee Scherer, and their families and friends at NASA, Henry Spencer and baby, Le Mont St. Michael, the Montcalm, vin-du-hairface, volleyball, Space Invaders (10p), euchre, Malibu Grand Prix, hockey--Steve Shutt and Larry Robinson, thanks for the sticks!, M*A*S*H, The Jack Secret Show, Rickey, Lucy, and Ethel, (Where's Fred?), Neal and Larry at the Percussion Centre, all at Oak Manor, and all at Trident. Ho-Hoo!

We express our appreciation to the fine people and instruments of Gibson, Moog, Tama drums, Rickenbacker, and Sunn amplification

© 1980 Mercury Records © 1980 Anthem Entertainment

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  • TRACK LISTING (click on any track for the lyrics)

    1. The Spirit of Radio (4:57)
    2. Freewill (5:23)
    3. Jacob's Ladder (7:28)
    4. Entre Nous (4:37)
    5. Different Strings (3:49)
    6. Natural Science (9:16)

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    Begin the day
    With a friendly voice
    A companion, unobtrusive
    Plays the song that's so elusive
    And the magic music makes your morning mood

    Off on your way
    Hit the open road
    There is magic at your fingers
    For the Spirit ever lingers
    Undemanding contact
    In your happy solitude.
    Invisible airwaves
    Crackle with life
    Bright antennae bristle
    With the energy
    Emotional feedback
    On a timeless wavelength
    Bearing a gift beyond price -
    Almost free...
    All this machinery
    Making modern music
    Can still be open-hearted
    Not so coldly charted
    It's really just a question
    Of your honesty

    One likes to believe
    In the freedom of music
    But glittering prizes
    And endless compromises
    Shatter the illusion
    Of integrity

    "For the words of the profits,
    Are written on the studio wall,
    Concert hall -
    Echoes with the sounds...
    Of salesmen."

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    There are those who think that life
    Has nothing left to chance
    With a host of holy horrors
    To direct our aimless dance

    A planet of playthings
    We dance on the strings
    Of powers we cannot perceive
    "The stars aren't aligned -
    Or the gods are malign"
    Blame is better to give than receive
    You can choose a ready guide
    In some celestial voice
    If you choose not to decide
    You still have made a choice
    You can choose from phantom fears
    And kindness that can kill
    I will choose a path that's clear
    I will choose free will.
    There are those who think that
    They were dealt a losing hand
    The cards were stacked against them
    They weren't born in Lotus-Land.

    All pre-ordained
    A prisoner in chains
    A victim of venomous fate
    Kicked in the face
    You can't pray for a place
    In Heaven's unearthly estate
    Each of us
    A cell of awareness
    Imperfect and incomplete
    Genetic blends
    With uncertain ends
    On a fortune hunt
    That's far too fleet...

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    The clouds prepare for battle
    In the dark and brooding silence
    Bruised and sullen stormclouds
    Have the light of day obscured
    Looming low and ominous
    In twilight premature
    Thunderheads are rumbling
    In a distant overture

    All at once,
    The clouds are parted
    Light streams down
    In bright unbroken beams

    Follow men's eyes
    As they look to the skies
    The shifting shafts of shining
    Weave the fabric of their dreams...

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    We are secrets to each other
    Each one's life a novel
    No-one else has read
    Even joined in bonds of love
    We're linked to one another
    By such slender threads

    We are planets to each other
    Drifting in our orbits
    To a brief eclipse
    Each of us a world apart
    Alone and yet together
    Like two passing ships
    Just between us
    I think it's time for us to recognize
    The differences we sometimes fear to show
    Just between us
    I think it's time for us to realize
    The spaces in between
    Leave room for you and I to grow
    We are strangers to each other
    Full of sliding panels
    An illusion show
    Acting well-rehearsed routines
    Or playing from the heart?
    It's hard for one to know

    We are islands to each other
    Building hopeful bridges
    On a troubled sea
    Some are burned or swept away
    Some we would not choose
    But we're not always free

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Geddy Lee

    Who's come to slay the dragon -
    Come to watch him fall?
    Making arrows out of pointed words
    Giant killers at the call
    Too much fuss and bother
    Too much contradiction
    And confusion
    Peel away the mystery
    Here's a clue to some real motivation
    All there really is
    The two of us
    And we both know why we've come along
    Nothing to explain
    It's a part of us
    To be found within a song
    What happened to our innocence -
    Did it go out of style?
    Along with our naiveté -
    No longer a child
    Different eyes see different things
    Different hearts
    Beat on different strings
    But there are times
    For you and me
    When all such things agree

    Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson / Lyrics: Neil Peart

    When the ebbing tide retreats
    Along the rocky shoreline
    It leaves a trail of tidal pools
    In a short-lived galaxy
    Each microcosmic planet
    A complete society

    A simple kind mirror
    To reflect upon our own
    All the busy little creatures
    Chasing out their destinies
    Living in their pools
    They soon forget about the sea...
    Wheels within wheels
    In a spiral array
    A pattern so grand
    And complex
    Time after time
    We lose sight of the way
    Our causes can't see
    Their effects
    A quantum leap forward
    In time and in space
    The universe learned to expand

    The mess and the magic
    Triumphant and tragic
    A mechanized world, out of hand

    Computerized clinic
    For superior cynics
    Who dance to a synthetic band

    In their own image
    Their world is fashioned -
    No wonder they don't understand
    Wheels within wheels
    In a spiral array
    A pattern so grand
    And complex
    Time after time
    We lose sight of the way
    Our causes can't see
    Their effects
    Science, like Nature
    Must also be tamed
    With a view towards its preservation
    Given the same
    State of integrity
    It will surely serve us well

    Art as expression -
    Not as market campaigns
    Will still capture our imaginations
    Given the same
    State of integrity
    It will surely help us along

    The most endangered species -
    The honest man
    Will still survive annihilation
    Forming a world -
    State of integrity
    Sensitive, open and strong.
    Wave after wave
    Will flow with the tide
    And bury the world as it does
    Tide after tide
    Will flow and recede
    Leaving life to go on
    As it was...