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- Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Rush FAQ File -

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Welcome to the Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Rush website.
My personal - and humble - dedication to the Canadian rock group known as Rush.
This section will cover some basic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that you may have,
but always feel free to Email Me directly should you have any other questions or concerns.

Note: This is the original FAQ file that appeared when I launched Cygnus-X1.Net back in 2004.
I decided to leave them in tact as an homage to the early days of the site.

Q. So, who is Rush anyway?
A. Wow. If you're asking that question, then you've likely stumbled across this site by accident. BUT if you really want to know more about Rush, you may want to read some of their official, albeit slightly out of date, biographies HERE.

Q. Your Rush Discography - tell me about it.
A. Obviously, the concept of listing information and lyrics on any album isn't new, but I thought it necessary to have a complete Rush discography as a starting point for this tribute site. Just about everything centers around the collective works of Rush on this site (e.g. the Image Database, the Lyric Database, The Reviews and so on...) so to be as complete as possible, I wanted to reflect the albums, the songs and the lyrics.

Q. Where did the idea of the Image Database come from?
A. There are a lot of Rush sites out on the web. Some of them are superb, but few really focused on the artwork that accompanied most of the Rush catalogue of albums. While you'll find a plethora of cover images on just about every site, plus a sampling of some of the internal images, you'd be hard-pressed to find a location where ALL of the images were represented. The Image Database on this site attempts to rectify that short-coming by offering every image that appeared on every Rush studio, live, compilation and tribute album. Further, as time permits, I'll be adding the art work and images from all of the available tour books, annual calendars and more. The music of Rush in unquestionably artistic and moving. The images of Rush are equally so.

Q. The 'Rush' reviews; Did you write them? If so, why?
A. I'm glad you asked. Back in early 2001, I joined an online community called Epinions; a site where people gathered to read, write and rate reviews on everything from cars to stereos to baby cribs to music. I used Epinions as an outlet to flex my writing muscles and to interact with other people online - yet outside of a chat room. But I also used this forum to spread the gospel of Rush. After I joined, I began reviewing each Rush album, Rush book, videos, tours and more. Sprinkled in with my Rush reviews were reviews on many other products (largely Electronics and household items). I became a fairly popular writer and was dubbed the Epinions Rush Expert. Those who knew of Rush enjoyed my reviews. Those who didn't know of Rush took notice. Over the years, I've received literally hundreds of comments and emails pertaining to my Rush reviews and, through Epinions, they've been 'read' by thousands of online people the world over. In my own little way, I've introduced Rush to many people who either dismissed them, or never heard of them. The positive reaction I received from so many people was staggering, and witnessing their new-found appreciation for Rush was amazing. So, in order to get a slightly wider audience, I've brought those reviews to this site as well. Short question, long answer :-)

Q. What else can I find here?
A. This site will likely be a continual work in progress, offering more biographies on Rush, many more images, details on their tours and setlists and more. Of course, the Rush News section will constantly be updated as information is available, and I'm hoping the message forums and chat rooms on this site get enough activity to keep everyone's interest. But I'm also very open to suggestions. Want to see something on this site? You need only ask.

Q. Is this site affiliated with Rush in any way?
A. No. I'm a fan who is continuing to honor and spread the word about the music of Rush which has become the "soundtrack of my life". This site is for entertainment purposes only.

Q. So when do you begin work on the Barry Manilow Tribute Site?
A. Ha. Don't be funny...

Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Rush