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- The Complete Rush Discography -

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- The Studio Albums -

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Rush - Rush
Rush - Fly By Night
Rush - Caress of Steel
Rush - 2112
|Fly By Night|
|Caress of Steel|
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
Rush - Hemispheres
Rush - Permanent Waves
Rush - Moving Pictures
|A Farewell to Kings|
|Permanent Waves|
|Moving Pictures|
Rush - Signals
Rush - Grace Under Pressure
Rush - Power Windows
Rush - Hold Your Fire
|Grace Under Pressure|
|Power Windows|
|Hold Your Fire|
Rush - Presto
Rush - Roll The Bones
Rush - Counterparts
Rush - Test For Echo
|Roll The Bones|
|Test For Echo|
Rush - Vapor Trails
Rush - Feedback
Rush - Snakes and Arrows
Rush - Clockwork Angels
|Vapor Trails|
|Snakes & Arrows|
|Clockwork Angels|

- The Live Albums -

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Rush - All The World's A Stage
Rush - Exit...Stage Left
Rush - Grace Under Pressure Live: Tour 1984
Rush - A Show Of Hands
|All The World's A Stage|
|Exit...Stage Left|
|Grace Under Pressure Live
Tour 1984
|A Show Of Hands|
Rush - Different Stages
Rush - Rush In Rio
Rush - R30 30th Anniversary Tour
Rush - Snakes & Arrows Live
|Different Stages|
|Rush In Rio|
|R30 30th Anniversary Tour|
|Snakes & Arrows Live|
Rush: Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland
Rush: Moving Pictures: Live 2011
Rush: ABC 1974
Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour
|Time Machine 2011
Live in Cleveland
|Moving Pictures: Live 2011|
|ABC 1974|
|Clockwork Angels Tour|
Rush: Spirit of the Airwaves: Live 1980 Radio Broadcast
Rush: The Lady Gone Electric
Rush: R40 Live
Beneath, Between And Behind: F.M. Broadcast 1975
|Spirit of the Airwaves|
|The Lady Gone Electric|
|R40: Live|
|BBB: Coming Soon|

- Special Edition Albums -

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Snakes & Arrows MVI
Moving Pictures 5.1
2112 Deluxe Edition in 5.1
Clockwork Angels: The Watchmaker's Edition
|Snakes & Arrows MVI|
|Moving Pictures 5.1|
|2112 5.1|
|Clockwork Angels:
The Watchmaker's Edition
Rush Vapor Trails Remix
Clockwork Angels Tour Limited Edition Deluxe Package
Rush ReDISCovered 40th Anniversary Reissue
Rush 2112 40th Anniversary Edition
|Vapor Trails Remixed|
|Clockwork Angels Tour
Limited Edition
|Rush ReDISCovered
40th Anniversary
|2112 40th Anniversary Edition|

- The Singles -

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Rush - The Big Money
Rush - Time Stand Still
Rush - Prime Mover
|The Big Money (Power Windows)|
|Time Stand Still (Hold Your Fire)|
|Prime Mover (Hold Your Fire)|
Rush - Show Don't Tell
Rush - The Pass
Rush - Superconductor
|Show Don't Tell (Presto)|
|The Pass (Presto)|
|Superconductor (Presto)|
Rush - Roll The Bones Halogram CD Single
Rush - Dreamline
Rush - Ghost of a Chance
Rush - Bravado
|Roll The Bones (Roll The Bones)|
|Dreamline (Roll The Bones)|
|Ghost of a Chance
(Roll The Bones)
|Bravado (Roll The Bones)|
Rush - Where's My Thing?
Rush - Stick It Out
Rush - Nobody's Hero
Rush - Double Agent
|Where's My Thing?
(Roll The Bones)
|Stick It Out (Counterparts)|
|Nobody's Hero (Counterparts)|
|Double Agent (Counterparts)|
Alex Lifeson - Don't Care
Alex Lifeson - Promise
Alex Lifeson - I Am The Spirit
|Don't Care (Victor)|
|Promise (Victor)|
|I Am The Spirit (Victor)|
Alex Lifeson - Don't Care
Alex Lifeson - Promise
Rush - Test for Echo
Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache
|Test For Echo (Test For Echo)|
|Driven (Test For Echo)|
|Half the World (Test For Echo)|
|Virtuality (Test For Echo)|
The Spirit of Rush and 2112 - Live Singles
Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache Single
Geddy Lee - Home on the Strange Single
Geddy Lee - Grace to Grace Single
|The Spirit of Rush/2112
(different stages)
|My Favorite Headache (MFH)|
|Home on the Strange (MFH)|
|Grace to Grace (MFH)|
Rush - One Little Victory
Rush - One Little Victory / Earthshine
Rush - Secret Touch
Rush - Sweet Miracle
|One Little Victory (Vapor Trails)|
|One Little Victory / Earthshine
(Vapor Trails)
|Secret Touch (Vapor Trails)|
|Sweet Miracle (Vapor Trails)|
Rush - Rush in Rio Sampler
Rush - Summertime Blues
Rush - Seven and Seven Is
|Rush in Rio Sampler (Rush in Rio)|
|Summertime Blues (Feedback)|
|Seven and Seven Is (Feedback)|
Rush - Far Cry
Rush - Spindrift
Rush - The Larger Bowl
Rush - Workin' Them Angels - Live
|Far Cry (Snakes & Arrows)|
|Spindrift (Snakes & Arrows)|
|The Larger Bowl
(Snakes & Arrows)
|Workin' Them Angels
(Snakes & Arrows)
Rush - Caravan / BU2B
Rush - Headlong Flight
Rush - The Wreckers
Rush - The Anarchist
|Caravan / BU2B
(Clockwork Angels)
|Headlong Flight
(Clockwork Angels)
|The Wreckers
(Clockwork Angels)
|The Anarchist
(Clockwork Angels)
Rush - The Garden
Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour Album Sampler
|The Garden (Clockwork Angels Tour)|
|Clockwork Angels Tour Album Sampler|

- The Compilation Albums -

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Rush - Archives
Rush Through Time
Rush - Chronicles
Rush - Anthology
|Rush Through Time|
Rush - Retrospective I
Rush - Retrospective II
Rush - Retrospective III
|Retrospective I|
|Retrospective II|
|Retrospective III|
Rush - The Spirit of Radio
Rush - Gold
Rush - Working Men
|The Spirit of Radio|
|Working Men|
Rush - Time Stand Still - The Collection
Rush - Icon
Rush - Icon 2
|Time Stand Still: The Collection|
|Icon 2|
Rush - Sector 1
Rush - Sector 2
Rush - Sector 3
|Rush: Sector One|
|Rush: Sector Two|
|Rush: Sector Three|
Rush - The Studio Albums - 1989-2007 Box Set
|Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007 Box Set|

- The Tribute Albums -

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Rush - Working Man
Rush - Red Star: Tribute to Rush
Rush - Exit...Stage Right
Rush - A Baroque Tribute to Rush
|Working Man|
|Red Star: Tribute to Rush|
|Exit...Stage Right|
|A Baroque Tribute to Rush|
Rush - String Quartet Tribute to 2112
Rush - Subdivisions: A Tribute
Rush - The Piano Tribute to Rush
Cygnus and the Sea Monsters: One Night in Chicago
|String Quartet Tribute to 2112|
|Subdivisions: A Tribute|
|The Piano Tribute to Rush|
|Cygnus and the Sea Monsters|
Rush - Through the Prism
Run For Cover - A Tribute to Rush
Lush - A Tribute to Rush
New World Man: A Tribute to Rush
|Through The Prism|
|Run For Cover|
|New World Man: A Tribute|
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: Lullyby Versions of Rush
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star: Lullyby Versions of Rush
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Rush
|Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star|
|The Royal Philharmonics Orchestra
Plays the Music of Rush
|Rockabye Baby!
Lullaby Renditions of Rush

- Solo Projects -

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Alex Lifeson - Victor
Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache
|My Favorite Headache|

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