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Rush - Exit..Stage Left Concert Video

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Released: November 1981
(Recorded at The Forum, Montreal, Quebec March 27, 1981)

Certified Gold by RIAA: February 19, 1986

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Liner Notes

Geddy Lee - Bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers, bass pedal synthesizer, and occasional rhythm guitar
Alex Lifeson - Electric and acoustic guitars, bass pedal synthesizer
Neil Peart - Drums and percussion

Exit... Stage Left, the movie, was filmed in Montreal Canada during Rush's Exit...Stage Left 1981 World Tour that encompassed Canada, the United States and Europe (including Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom) and reached a total audience in excess of one million people. The actual footage incorporated the output of five separate 16mm cameras, both hand-held and stationary, which operated in front of the stage behind a barricade, and in various strategic onstage locations. During the performance at the Montreal forum, the audio was recorded by Le Mobile, with Terry Brown and Guy Charbonneau at the controls. The audio was then digitally mixed at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec, where Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves, and the newest Rush album, Signals, were recorded and mixed. The result, the Exit...Stage Left movie (a different performance than that found on the live Exit...Stage Left album), represents one hour of highlights from Rush's two hour stage show, visualizing material from their albums Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves, Hemispheres, and A Farewell to Kings.

Producer: Grant Lough
Post Production: Ivan Martin and Lex Balten
Audio Produced by: Terry Brown
5.1 and stereo mix by Mike Fraser and Alex Lifeson - Warehouse Studios, Vancouver
Assistant Engineer: Zach Blackstone
ATR Services: Andrew Gigham
Special thanks to the Montreal Forum and Len Epand

Management: Ray Danniels/SRO Productions
Executive Production: Geddy Lee, Rhonda Ross, Tom Berry
Universal Music Enterprises: Jeff Fura/Adam Abrams/Ramon Galbert

Art Direction and design: Hugh Syme

All songs written by Lee/Lifeson/Peart except "Tom Sawyer" by Lee/Lifeson/Peart/Dubois, "Closer to the Heart" by Lee/Lifeson/Peart/Talbot, "In the End" by Lee/Lifeson, "In The Mood" by Lee and "YYZ" by Lee/Peart

All songs published by Core Music Publishing (SOCAN)
2006 Anthem Entertainment/The Island Del Jam Music Group.

Other Notes

•  The Exit...Stage Left video is comprised of an entirely different recording and track list from the album version of the same name.
•  The videocassette, laserdisc and CED (Capacitance Electronic Disc) versions were the original formats of release, all in 1982 followed
    by a DVD release in 2006.
•  The audio on the DVD release was re-mastered in 5.1-channel Dolby Surround by Alex Lifeson who also co-produced the video.
•  The DVD version also includes some audio commentary/interviews interspersed throughout the film.
Track Listing

Intro (Narration) (2:15)
1. Limelight (4:38)
2. Tom Sawyer (5:00)
3. The Trees (4:47)
4. Xanadu (12:32)
5. Red Barchetta (6:37)
6. Freewill (5:50)
7. Closer to the Heart (3:30)
8. YYZ (1:25)
9. Medley: By-Tor and The Snow Dog (4:13)
10.In the End, In the Mood, 2112 Finale (5:59)
11. YYZ (Credits) (2:20)